These are some of my favorite quotes

“Laugh once a day because a day without sunshine is like a night.”  -Steve Martin

“Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons”  -Unknown

“All the words are made of faith and trust and pixie dust”  -J.M Barrie

“Today’s special moments are tomorrow’s memories”  -Genie

“Often when you think at the end of something you’re at the beginning of something else” -Fred Rodgers


This is a poem I wrote since its National Poetry Month

In spite of your flaws

You’re perfect the way you are

From the top of your head

To the bottom of your feet

You are the best person you could be

No matter what

Shake of all of the  things they say

Stand up tall to those people that say

“You aren’t pretty or smart or anything at all”

Just think to yourself

You are the best person you could be

Slice of Life #16- ABC list (Movie/ Show edition)

A is for A Christmas Story

B is for Bee Movie

C is for Cars

D is for Doctor Strange

E is for E.T

F is for Fantastic Beasts

G is for Glee

H is for Honey, I shrunk the kids

I is for I am love

J is for Jump

K is for Karate Kid

M is for Marvel

N if for Narnia

O is for Once Upon a Time

P is for Princess and the Frog

Q is for Queen

R is for Red

T is for the Emoji Movie

U is for Uncle Grandpa

V is for Venture

W is for Watching You

X is for X-men

Y is for Yours truly

Z is for Zootopia


Slice of Life #15- Midway Check

So this is kind of the halfway point in the challenge, so I thought I would talk about how everything is going. Even though for the past 2 days we have had snow days, I forgot to do a blog post for yesterday, so I am writing this a day late. The challenge has been pretty hard sometimes because I can’t think of any ideas. Sometimes parts of the challenge can be easy because I had already written a blog post for that day, so I don’t have to worry about it.My favorite part about doing the challenge is that I have a sense of accomplishment for doing a blog post everyday!It’s a serious accomplishment for me because I have to write around a very busy schedule, which can be hard sometimes.Also the best thing for me is being able to read all of my friends blog posts to find ideas for my own. My least favorite part of the challenge is when you are writing your blog post and then you leave it to do something else, then when you come back to finish it, I have no idea what I was writing. This has happen to me SO MANY TIMES! Also the best thing for me is being able to read all of my friends blog posts to find ideas for my own.

Slice of Life #14- Snow Day!

So today, we had our 1st snow day for this winter season! I thought that we weren’t going to have any more snow since it’s mid March, but I was wrong! I had lots of fun in the afternoon, but in the morning, not so much. My dad asked me and my sister to help him shovel the driveway, so we did. We were outside for about an hour or so when we finished, so we went over to our  neighbors house and helped him for another 30 minutes. When me and my dad finally went inside, my dad went to my other neighbor’s house to help shovel their driveway too. I can’t believe that he did that after being outside for about 2 hours without a break. I went inside, then got ready to go to my friend’s house. I went to my friends house and we went sledding down the hill with their neighbor. We went inside because it was to cold and we made hot chocolate. Then for 2 hours, we were in her basement, talking about the most random stuff. (don’t ask) Now, for the craziest thing I did that day, we tried to a bunch of crazy yoga poses and let’s just say we weren’t very good at it! That was my snow day!

Slice of Life #13- Competition Results

Sorry I forgot to post this on Monday!


So over this past weekend, I was at Imagine Dance Challenge which is a dance competition. I also said in my Friday post that I would share my results, so here how my dances did!


I have 10 dances, 9 of them were on Saturday, and 1 in Sunday. In the morning, I had 3 dances, Xplosion, which is Hip Hop, Bang Dem Sticks, which is Jazz, and Heaven is a Place, which is lyrical. Bang Dem Sticks got 2nd place, Heaven is a Place got 3rd place, and Xplosion got 5th place at the 1st awards.

In the afternoon, I had 6 dances. Those are District 12, which is Acro, The Climb, which is lyrical, You’ve got that love, which is tap, Rainbow sleeves, which is  contemporary, Jailbirds, which is Jazz, and Covergirl, which is Hip Hop. District 12 got 8th place, The climb got 4th place, You’ve got that love got 9th, Rainbow sleeves got 4th, jailbirds got 9th place, and Covergirl got 3rd place.


On sunday, I only had one dance which was my jazz production, which is called Rihanna. That got 5th place overall.  Felt that I did a good job and i am proud of the many groups that got 1st place at my studio!

Slice of Life #12- Writing Idea’s

Here are some ideas for when you can’t think about anything to write about!


School Stuff

Story with a bunch of unfamiliar words

ABC list

Book talks

When you went to…


LIst of things to do


Things you don’t understand

Quotes that mean a lot to you

SIblings (if you have any)

Make a bucket list

Favorite things

Slice of Life (funny huh!)

Things you wished were invented already

If you could go back to any time, when would it be?


Hope you now have some more writing idea’s!

Slice of Life #11- Questions

These are some questions I have.

Why has dabbing been popular for so much longer than all of the other dance crazes?

What would you do if you had a million dollars?

Why are mason jars called mason jars?


What is the use of a waffle iron besides making waffles?

Where did colors come from?

Why are Disney princess movies so relaxing to watch? (Don’t Judge)

What came 1st, the chicken or the egg?

Where did alcohol come from?

How many pounds of bacon is eaten in the U.S every year?

How many people get arrested a year in the U.S every year?

Why do the SImpsons have a pile of flaming tires?

Why can it be so hard to keep secrets sometimes?

Do you think you could go Vegan?

How many times have you ever thought that you walked into the wrong bathroom?

Why do we have different alphabets for different languages?

How many cars do you think the average American citizen goes through in there whole life?

What is the most common food in the world?

How many trees does the U.S cut down every year?


That was a LOT of questions! Hope you liked them!

Slice of Life #10- What I am doing this Weekend!

This weekend, I have quite a few things to do. The thing that I am most excited for is my 1st competition for this season! I will be going to Imagine dance competition in Woodbridge. I have 9 dances that I have to preform which includes 2 lyricals, 2 jazzes, 2 hip hops, 1 production, 1 tap, and 1 acro. I always complain when I have to do quick changes when some people have 30 dances! I’ll be at the competition from 7 am on Saturday till 5:30 at the end of the day. I will be there on Sunday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. This year will be my 6th year competing and my 9th year dancing. Yes, I HAVE BEEN DANCING FOR 9 YEARS! I am going to do a post on how I did at my competition on the 13th!


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